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(About your last ask ) I agree 1000% and I want to add that many of those people saying "Oh it's about sex blah blah blah" need to realize that couples have sex and that book really gives the reality of a relationship which is not only make outs, or kissing.

Yaaaas!! That’s the point! I mean let’s faace it, it’s an erotic saga and that’s known but people who just read the first book or heard someone talk about the books and the movie of course they don’t get it but it’s way more deeper, one of the main parts of the story is the erotic part, of course, but I believe that erotism is in every single couple and each one lives it sexuality different, and this books are an example of it, I do believe many people do what’s written on the book, so lmao it’s not that weird + the books have encouraged some couples to do some other stuff too i guess lol.

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Anonymous asked:
I hate when people say the fifty shades trilogy is basically pornography because it has a real story behind it and it's really touching just saying though

the tea has been spilled

soooo true, I mean those people really really are talking about what they’d heard or they didn’t read through the story, I mean it’s pure romance with lots of sex scene which makes the thriology even better. Those people should read the story again and again until they really understand it tbh, I mean like 90% of readers cried at some parts and I don’t think that you cry at a porn fiction book, so, I agree with u.

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